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16 October 2006 @ 11:49 pm
I'm still in a starry-eyed state, can't believe that he likes me back, yet so incredibly happy that he does. The clock ticks so slowly until Sunday, and it's painful to be away from him. I hurt and ache for him, yet think myself silly feeling so strongly after only a couple of weeks of being with him. My bed is lonely, and I miss him every minute. Is it too soon to feel this way? My emotions have not dimmed these weeks, they've only grown. He makes me happy, makes me laugh, I feel so comfortable around him. He sees me for who I am, finds me witty, and calls me a sweetheart. He gets my sense of humor, and I can easily make him laugh. He says I make him happy.

He misses me too.

I can't wait to hold him again.

Five more days.